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•• Eastern Sky ••

Tim Hefner, Beverly Hefner
Dennis Robinson, John Poe


The group was formed in 1992, when John joined Tim's existing solo gospel music
ministry. Dennis joined the group in 1996.
Beverly sang with the group for several years,
and plays bass when the group performs live with instruments.
(The three guys play guitars: Tim - electric, Dennis and John - acoustic)

Beverly occasionally runs the sound controls for the group’s concerts,
as does Darren Hefner, Tim and Beverly's son.
Both Tim and John do song arrangements, record song tracks
for live performances and projects, and write gospel songs.
Tim does the recording, mixing and CD production for the group.

Dennis sang baritone, Tim had the lead, and John sang tenor,
when the group first performed as a trio.

In 1999, Keith Saunders joined the group, making Eastern Sky a quartet.
Keith sang the high tenor part, and John moved to bass.

In January 2003, Keith resigned from the group to spend
more time with his growing family, and Eastern Sky
returned to its trio line-up. Tim is still the lead singer,
but Dennis now sings the tenor voice and John handles the baritone.

The group sings at rest homes, nursing homes, churches, schools,
reunions, camp meetings, etc., throughout western North Carolina.
They also sing regularly at their home church,
Friendship United Methodist Church in Newton, NC.


For bookings, contact Tim Hefner at 828-464-3196.

Or Email John Poe

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