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Eastern Sky

Members of Eastern Sky

Friendship United Methodist Church
in Newton, NC

Tim Hefner

Tim is our lead singer and group manager. He owns and operates an electronics repair business. He and his wife Beverly, along with their son Darren, are members of Friendship UMC, where Tim is Sunday School Director, Beverly sings in the Praise Band and is active in Small Group Study ministries, and both Tim and Darren run the sound system for the church.

John Poe

John is the baritone singer for the group. He is an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at Newton Conover High School, as well as Director of Music for Friendship UMC, where he and his wife Carol are members, as are their daughter Janet and their two granddaughters. Carol and Janet also sing in the church's Adult Choir. John has his own web site (click HERE to go there).

Dennis Robinson

Dennis is the group's tenor singer. He is a Maintenance Manager with a large apartment complex in Hickory, NC. Dennis also sings in the Adult Choir at Friendship UMC, where he is a member along with his wife Ada and several children and grandchildren.

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